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A multiple watch winder can store and keep the performance of your automatic watches. You may be a bit confused about choosing the best multiple-watch winder since you find a lot of them in the market. The tips to buy a multiple watch winder above help a lot for first-time buyers.  

Decide How Many Watches You Will Store 

Just like its name, multiple watch winders can store several automatic watches at once. The smallest multiple watch winders can store two different automatic watches. Use a multiple winder box that can store four to even twelve automatic watches if you have a lot of collections to store. 

Check the Material of the Watch Winder 

A multiple watch winder comes in a variety of materials. Some manufacturers produce multiple winder boxes made of leather. Some others may use Macassar, Ebony, walnut, or carbon fiber material to produce watch winders. Let say, a carbon fiber watch winder looks modern and elegant, along with high gloss and lacquer. On the other hand, wood and leather watch winders look classic and natural. Don’t forget to learn the benefits and drawbacks of those materials. 

Check the TPD 

TPD or Turns Per Day has an important role in a watch winder. It keeps your watch rotated just like they need. Most watch winders have 650 to 1800 TPD. It is the TPD standard for nearly all automatic watches. The TPD decides when the winders have to rotate the watches and stop them.  

Check the Rotation 

Each multiple watch winder has a different rotation system. Some of them are rotating your watch clockwise. Others rotate automatic watches counterclockwise or bidirectional. Nowadays, you can even find watch winders that cover all rotation systems. Checking the rotation system of the multiple watch winder is crucial so the product doesn’t ruin the system of the watches.

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